Recent Submissions

  • Vulnerability of the Bay of Bengal to Ocean Acidification. 

    Hossain, M.S.; Chowdhury, S.R.; Sharifuzzaman, S.M.; Sarker, S. (IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, Bangladesh Country OfficeDhaka, Bangladesh, 2015)
    Fossil-fuel combustion releases carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, leading to a warmer climate. Increasing atmospheric CO2 is changing the global ocean’s chemistry, as one-fourth of the anthropogenic CO2 is absorbed by ...
  • Flow Topography Interaction in the Northern Indian Ocean: Ph.D research proposal, July 2016. 

    Su, Danielle (The University of Western Australia, 2016)
    The overarching theme for this research project is to explore the dynamics and generation mechanisms of island wakes and their resultant eddies in the Northern Indian Ocean as well as their response to large scale Indian ...