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Titre: ACP-EU Fisheries Research Initiative Workshop
mot-clé ASFA: Biodiversity
Date de publication: 1999
Editeur: ACP-EU
Référence bibliographique: Froese, R. & Pullin, R.S.V. & Monteiro, C.C. & Bugenyi, F.W. (Ed.) Proceedings of the Conference on Sustainable Use of Aquatic Biodiversity: Data, Tools and Cooperation. p. 1-80
Collection/Numéro: ACP – EU Fisheries Research Report, 6
Résumé: A three day scientific conference on ‘Sustainable Use of Aquatic Biodiversity: Data, Tools and Cooperation’ was held from 3-5 September 1998 at the Instituto de Investição das Pescas e do Mar (IPIMAR) in Lisbon, Portugal, under the auspices of the ACP-EU Fisheries Research Initiative and the European Commission (DG VIII). The conference aimed at bringing together researchers, conservationists, fisheries managers, educators and decision makers, to gain a better and joint understanding of aquatic biodiversity issues and in particular to explore data gathering and sharing mechanisms and cooperative arrangements to address these issues. Over 100 participants from 28 countries contributed to the conference: mostly from Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific and Europe....
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/881
ISSN: 1025-3971
Collection(s) :Miscellaneous

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