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Titre: Battling for Corporate Accountability: Experiences from Titanium Mining Campaign in Kwale, Kenya
Auteur(s): Ojiambo, E.V.
mot-clé ASFA: Socioeconomic aspects
Date de publication: mai-2002
Référence bibliographique: Paper presented at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex Seminar on Linking Rights and Participation: Sharing Experiences and Opportunities. 70pp
Résumé: The debate around the conduct of transnational corporations (TNCs) globally has been lively. Attention has focussed on the growing role of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in ensuring that the TNCs become more accountable. NGOs influence the activities of TNCs in three crucial ways. First, through lobbying and encouraging others to lobby, they have brought pressure to bear on TNCs. Second, they have helped set and enforce regulations and standards to which, at the risk of financial loss, TNCs are keen to aspire. Third, NGOs have helped generate consumer concern to the extent that it is now a company’s long term competitive interest to act responsibly (Mulligan 1999:51).
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/835
Collection(s) :Miscellaneous

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