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Title: Promotion of coastal fisheries management. 1. Local-level effort regulation in Senegalese fisheries.
Authors: Gaspart, F.
Platteau, J.P.
ASFA Terms: Coastal fisheries
Fisheries management
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Rome: FAO
Citation: FAO Fisheries Circular, 975 (1), 37 p.
Abstract: The analytical framework used throughout most of this study is directly inspired from transaction-cost economics, implying that a lot of attention is devoted to monitoring and enforcement costs involved in collective schemes. One of its most important contributions is to show that, with the help of these tools combined with conventional market power considerations, successes and failures of different groups of fishermen according to their technique and site of operation can be well accounted for. The outline is as follows. In Section 1, background information regarding Senegalese small-scale marine fisheries are provided and the methodology of the study based on cross-section data is shortly described. In Section 2, an historical sketch of all recent effort-limiting schemes attempted along the Senegalese coast is presented. The methods used to limit fishing efforts, which vary according to the fishery concerned, are discussed with a view to understanding their rationales in the light of the specific circumstances surrounding them. Section 3, addresses the incidence of rule violations as perceived by the fishermen themselves, tackled by using the multinomial logit approach on the basis of our survey data. Section 4 is devoted to fitting a time-series econometric model to price and output data. Section 5 summarizes the main results of the study.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/686
ISSN: 0429-9329
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