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Titre: Union des Comores - United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change: Initial National Communication on Climate Change.
mot-clé ASFA: Environmental effects
Date de publication: déc-2002
Résumé: The studies made in the context of this Initial National Communication on Climate Change are based on the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 1 study on impacts and adaptation of Indian Ocean small island states. Changes in climate to be anticipated in Comoros by year 2050 are estimated to be a raise in mean annual air temperature to an average of 28°C, a change that represents a 1°C increase compared to the current situation. A sea level increase of 4 mm/year for a total increase of 20 cm by 2050 is also expected. Expected impacts are the intrusion of salted water in the coastal aquifers; an increase in the occurrence of malaria and of collective food poisoning resulting from consumption of marine animals 2; a decrease in crop yields, agricultural production and fisheries; the displacement of 10% of the country’s coastal inhabitants whose habitat would be flooded; and lastly, the destruction of coastal infrastructure and habitat for an estimated value of 400 million USD, 2.2 times Comoros Gross Domestic product (GDP) for 2001. Vulnerability and adaptation assessment studies were made for agriculture, coastal infrastructure and resources, health, and water.
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