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Title: New sampling strategy for purse seiner fleets in the Atlantic and Indian oceans.
Authors: Herrera, M.A.
Evrat, F.
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: IOTC
Citation: IOTC Proceedings, 7th Expert Consultation on Indian Ocean Tunas. p. 313-322
Description: A new sampling system for Spanish, French and NEI purse-seiners was developed by French (ORSTOM) and Spanish scientists (I.E.O. and O.E.P.) working together on the European Union Program: “Analyse du schéma d’échantillonnage multispécifique des thonidés tropicaux”. The OEP and the ORSTOM have introduced it to the samplers, in three of the four most important tuna transhipment ports in the Indian Ocean as from March 1998. This sampling method does not take into account the differences between flags of vessels, but relies on 80 newly defined strata (2 types of schools, 4 quarters and 10 areas). Each sampling needs two rounds, with a target number depending on the species and size of the fish to be measured and counted per round. A target has been established of 15 to 20 samplings per strata.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/64
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