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Titre: Title Stock assessment on the Indian Ocean albacore tuna.
Auteur(s): Chen, C.Y.
Date de publication: 1998
Editeur: IOTC
Référence bibliographique: IOTC Proceedings, 7th Expert Consultation on Indian Ocean Tunas. p. 162-171
Résumé: This paper deals with the CPUE trend and maximum sustainable yield (MSY) of Indian Ocean albacore tuna. The daily catch records of Taiwanese longliners operated in the Indian Ocean dating back to 1979 were used in this study. Deep longline techniques were introduced in the tuna fishery in the mid-1980s and an effort was made to segregate the statistics of regular longliners from those of deep longliners. A general linear model (GLM) was adopted to standardize the CPUE for data of both time periods, 1979- 1985 and 1985-1996. A surplus production model was employed to estimate its MSY and optimum effort (fopt), and the results revealed that, MSY=30.5x103 t; = 319 x 106 effective hooks.
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/55
Collection(s) :Proceedings - Expert Consultation on Indian Ocean Tunas

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