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Título : Bar Beach Erosion Problem: Available Options Towards A Lasting Solution To The Erosion Problem
ASFA Terms: Beach erosion
Fecha de publicación : 2003
Resumen : Beach nourishment is the process of dumping sand on the beach to increase the width or the height of the beach. For along time this had been the most widely used on the beach. Table shows the many beach nourishment programs that have been implemented on the beach. While beach nourishment is regarded as soft and environmentally friendly method of combating coastal erosion it is a stopgap temporary measure. It requires periodic implementation. The return period of the nourishment programs since 1982 averages two years. This option is only a stopgap measure and not permanent. Hence this option cannot be viewed as a lasting solution to the problem.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/1834/551
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