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Title: A Low-Tech Method for Reef Rehabilitation by Stabilisation of Transplanted Corals
Authors: Lindahl, U.
ASFA Terms: Coral reefs
Issue Date: 1999
Abstract: Many coral reefs that have been subjected to severe coral mortality may erode into rubble before the reef framework has been stabilised by the growth of recruiting or surviving corals and other calcifying organisms. Since unconsolidated coral rubble provides a poor substrate for coral recruitment and subsequent growth, these damages can persist for a long time, even where there is ample supply of coral larvae. Rehabilitation of this type of habitat through coral transplantation has therefore been hampered since the substrate does not provide a base for attachment. Unattached corals that are moved by water movements may suffer severe damages through breakage and abrasion, and are also at risk of being buried in the shifting sediment. The aim of the present study was to further develop and evaluate a method to stabilise transplanted staghorn corals on unconsolidated substrate in a moderately exposed environment.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/431
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