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Titre: Joint IOC/UNIDO Workshop on Marine Debris/Waste Management for the Gulf Of Guinea
mot-clé ASFA: Wastes
Date de publication: 18-jui-1999
Editeur: Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
Résumé: The Fifth Joint IOC/UNIDO Workshop on Marine Debris/Waste Management for the Gulf of Guinea was opened at 9.00 a.m. on Monday 19 April 1999, at the “Centre de Recherches Occanologiques (CRO)” of Abidjan, C&e d’Ivoire. Dr J. Konan, Deputy Director of the CRO, opened the meeting. In his speech, he expressed his satisfaction in having this Workshop in the new conference room of the CRO. He mentioned the important role of the GOG-LME Project in research pollution, and conservation for the Large Marine Ecosystem of the Gulf of Guinea for the last three years. He wished, on behalf of the CR0 Director, a fruitful meeting to the participants. Mr J. Barb&e, IOC representative, welcomed the participants on behalf of the Executive Secretary IOC, Dr Bernal, and thanked the authorities of Cote d’Ivoire for hosting the Workshop. He stressed the need to define a new strategy for the joint marine debris programme, which could include the initiation of a public awareness campaign in the region. Dr J. Abe, on behalf of the Regional Co-ordinator of the LME-GOG, stressed the interest that the project is giving to the waste management/marine debris issue. He suggested to the participants the adoption of an amendment to the Abidjan Convention (198 1) which would highlight the need to address marine debris issue by Member States.
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