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Title: Distribución y abundancia de los recursos demersales en la plataforma continental del Ecuador durante octubre de 1995
Other Titles: Abundance and distribution of demersal resources on the continental shelf of Ecuador during october 1995
Authors: Revelo, W.
ASFA Terms: Fishery resources
Demersal fisheries
Continental shelves
Geographical distribution
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: INP (Ecuador)
Citation: Boletín Científico y Técnico, 14(2). p. 1-39
Abstract: The demersal phase (from 18th to November 01th, 1995) of cruise T95/10/04 DO, covered an area of 15632,6 km2 between 00º36'0”N-80º34'3”O and 03º22'8”S-80º49'5”O, of the Ecuadorian Continental Plataform, the depth range from 14 to 115 meters. 120 species were recorded, divided into 85 osseous fish species, three sharks, 11 ray, 18 crustaceans, two molluscan and one holothurid (sea cucumber). Total biomass was estimated as 95297,5 t; with 97,3% of this biomass distributed between 01º00'0”S and 03º23'S. The most abundant species were: barriga juma (Larimus spp) (11153 t), corvina (Cynoscion spp) (4523 t), gallineta (Prionotus spp) (55651 t), perela (Palabrax callaensis) (3774 t) and ravi junco (Centrithmus signifer) (2407 t).
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2970
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