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Title: Ictioplancton presente en el Golfo de Guayaquil durante la etapa de prospección acústica y pesca comprobatoria, septiembre 1995
Other Titles: Ichthyoplankton present in the Gulf of Guayaquil, during phase of acoustic prospection and comprobatory fishery, september 1995
Authors: Ortega, D.
ASFA Terms: Ichthyoplankton
Geographical distribution
Fishery resources
Pelagic fisheries
Issue Date: 1996
Publisher: INP (Ecuador)
Citation: Boletín Científico y Técnico, 14(1). p. 65-76
Abstract: During the 14th and 27th of november 1995, were colected samples to determinate distribution, presence of eggs and fish larvae in the Guayaquil Gulf waters. The highest quantity of fish larvae 2 500 larvae.(10m2)-1 was showed (02~'40'S - 82~'50'W); while the fish eggs was registered as 15 000 eggs.(10m2)-1. The minor quantities of fish larvae between 48 and 57 larvae.(10m2)-1, which located around longitude 81~'20' - 82~'40'W and latitude 02~'40'S - 02~'50'S. In the North part of the Guayaquil Gulf, fish larvae were registered at concentrations between 500 and 2000 larvae.(10m2)-1, near Tip of Santa Elena (02~'25'W and 81~'10'W), a the one area which presented the hightest quantity 150 000 eggs.(10m2)-1 of fish eggs; the Carangidae and Scombridae families were identified when analizing the eggs. In the center and towards the South of the Gulf, fish larvae between 92 and 223 larvae.(10m2)-1 were presented; the eggs concentrations were lower when compared with the North; stations except the station near of Saint Clare Island which presented 3 000 eggs.(10m2)-1 Scomber japonicus and Sardinops sagax were identified among the species of economical importance. The were not any eggs but larvae of the Engraulidae in a few of the stations.
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