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Titre: Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to describe the community from Ortoire to Guayaguayare: Site description and vessel migration
Auteur(s): Kishore, R.
Padmanabhan, S.
Ramsundar, H.
Corporate Author: Institute of Marine Affairs
mot-clé ASFA: GIS
Fishing vessels
Fishery industry
Fishery resources
Fishery management
Date de publication: 2006
Résumé: The assessment of the fishing industry on the southeast coast of Trinidad is taken from the regionally funded community-based coastal resource management project by the International Research Development Centre (IDRC) of Canada and entitled “An investigation of fisheries resources, resource users and fisheries management by communities to establish a framework for co-management: Ortoire to Guayaguayare, East Coast, Trinidad.” Part of this assessment was clearly describing the areas and communities where regular fishing activities take place and identifying any discernable patterns and trends.
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2896
Collection(s) :4. Posters

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