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Title: Overview of Land-based Sources and Activities Affecting the Marine, Coastal and Associated Freshwater Environment in the Eastern African Region
ASFA Terms: Marine environment
Coastal environment
Freshwater environment
Issue Date: 1998
Series: UNEP Regional Reports and Studies, 167
Abstract: This document provides a regiona loverview of land-based sources and activities and their impacts on the marine, coastal and associated freshwater environments in the East African region. The overview covers three coastal states [Keya, United Republic of Tanzania (Tanzania) and Mozambique] and five island States [Madagascar, Mauritius, the Islamic Federal Republic of Comoros (Comoros), the Zanzibar state of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Seychelles]. The rapidly expanding coastal populations of the region exert ever-increasing pressure on coastal habitats and resources. Land-based anthropogenic activities such as agriculture and industry, coastal urbanization, tourism and rock/mineral extraction, disturb natural condition and processes, degranding coastal resources and habitats. The effect scan have serious social and economic implications. The objective of the overview is to present information that will assist Governments of the region in their efforts to protect the marine environment and achieve the sustainable development of their coastal and marine areas through integrated coastal management initiatives.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/286
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