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Titre: Ocean Data and Information Network for the Westarn Pacific (ODINWESTPAC): Progress report 2005-2006
Auteur(s): Nishizawa, Kunikazu
Zhu, Wenxi
mot-clé ASFA: Progress reports
Date de publication: 2007
Editeur: UNESCO
Référence bibliographique: Nineteenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE-XIX)., Trieste, Italy, 12-16 March
Collection/Numéro: Reports of Governing and Major Subsidiary Bodies
Résumé: With increasing applications of new Information and Communication Technology (ICT), data management and dissemination over the Internet become more feasible, enabling a wide range of user communities to easily get access to data, data products and information. In this context, at its 22nd assembly in 2003, Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO (IOC) approved to implement a review of the International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE) by a review group. The Review Group stated that the system of Responsible National Oceanographic Data Centres (RNODCs) of IODE is not well understood, with the exception of the RNODC for WESTPAC" (operated by Japan Oceanographic Data Centre, Japan), Drifting Buoys Data (operated by Marine Environmental Data Service, Canada) and JAISN (operated by British Oceanographic Data Centre, United Kingdom), which were considered to work well. The Review Group recommended (and IODE-XVIII agreed in 2005) to abolish the RNODC system. " IODE-XVIII further requested that, where available, National Oceanographic Data Centres (NODCs) participating in Ocean Data and Information Networks (ODIN) assume the functions of former RNODCs. In the particular case of WESTPAC# IODE-XVIII commended that good work of the RNODC has been implemented, and instructed the IODE Officers to identify a mechanism to maintain the functionality of the IODE Regional Coordinator for the WESTPAC region. The Committee further requested the 6th Session of IOC/WESTPAC Session to consider the establishment of an ODIN network for the region. Following the conclusions of IODE-XVIII, a proposal to establish ODIN in the WESTPAC region was presented in the sixth session of the IOC Regional Sub-Commission for the Western Pacific, IOC/WESTPAC-VI (Nha Trang, Vietnam, May 2005). The IOC/WESTPAC-VI decided to establish an inter-sessional working group that will study the issue and adopted a resolution in this regard. According to the resolution, SC-WESTPAC-VI.2, Inter-sessional Working Group (IWG) was organized in August 2005 which consisted of representatives from interested member states and related organizations specified in the resolution. The IWG was requested to develop Terms of Reference (ToR), mode of operation, work plan and budget for 2006. Under the chairmanship of Japan (Mr. Teruo Kanazawa), further discussions have been made among the IWG members and draft general objectives for ODINWESTPAC have been prepared. The general objectives of ODINWESTPAC, if established, will be a project of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission to promote international cooperation on marine data and information management in the WESTPAC region. A work plan for the establishment of ODINWESTPAC has been prepared by correspondence, and circulated to the member states for comments, and then a preparatory meeting for the establishment of ODINWESTPAC was held in conjunction with the 3rd International workshop on GODAR-WESTPAC, 4-6 December 2006, Japan.
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