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Title: Methodological Guide to Integrated Coastal Zone Management
Authors: Brusseau, P.
Brigand, L.
Denis, J.
Gérard, B.
Grignon-Logerot, C.
Hénocque, Y.
Lointier, M.
ASFA Terms: Coastal zone management
Issue Date: 1997
Publisher: UNESCO
Series: IOC Manuals and Guides, 36
Abstract: The aim of this guide is to assist in the organisation of environmental information and thus to contribute to the concerted preparation of management plans which should be implemented by all the environmental actors : decision-makers, managers, users and scientists. The proposed methodological approach provides the unifying thread for the user of this guide. It comprises a certain number of stages which lead to the formulation of the management objectives. The assistance given contributes finally to the definition of the real management strategy to be applied (plan, diagram, programme of action and follow up). The architecture of this methodological approach is organised around a master chart, referred to as “Stages in the Approach”. This indicates the different stages to be followed for the definition of a management plan. This master chart is fed by two types of input data which constitute the information
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2808
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