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Titre: JCOMM/IODE Expert Team for Data Management Practices
Autre(s) titre(s): The checklist of technical requirementsfor data providers for E2E technology implementaion
Auteur(s): Keeley, R.
Mikhailov, N.
Date de publication: 2007
Editeur: UNESCO
Référence bibliographique: Nineteenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE-XIX), Trieste, Italy, 12-16 March 2007
Collection/Numéro: Reports of Governing and Mayor Subsidary Bodies
Résumé: 1.1. Document overview This document describes the requirements for IODE data centres to build the E2E Data providers network and contains the following information -Brief information about E2EDM technology; - A description of E2E data provider implementation issues. - Requirements to be met by E2E data providers. This document has been prepared by Nicolay Mikhailov (ETDMP chair, RIHMIWDC/ Russian NODC). 1.2. About E2EDM technology The “end to end” data management (E2E) technology is considered as an “umbrella” that comprises local data systems managed by IODE data centres and provides “transparent” access to the metadata, data and products (resources) generated by these local data systems. The E2EDM technology includes the following components: " Technical specifications defining the namespace and structures of metadata and data records, data exchange protocol, etc. for data exchange based on a distributed data sources network; " Data Provider (software) providing the access to the local data system of participating centres. As soon as the Data Provider is installed as a “wrapper” of the local data system, this system becomes a data source for the E2E-based distributed data system; " Integration Server (software) provides the management and use of the data sources network via interaction with Data Providers. " Information about the E2E technology is provided on a web site. Those wishing to use the software are asked to register so that users can be notified when software updates become available. All are welcome. The E2EDM documentation is available at: http://data.meteo.ru/e2edm/index.php?section=19 The IODE Ocean Data Portal prototype based on E2E technology is available at http://data.meteo.ru/e2edm/index.php?section=19
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2764
Collection(s) :2. IODE Session Working Documents

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