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Title: Guide to operational procedures for the collection and exchange of oceanographic data (bathy and tesac)
Corporate Author: IOC
ASFA Terms: Current measurement
Current data
Current measuring equipment
Salinity data
Salinity measuring equipment
Salinity measurement
Temperature data
Temperature measurement
Temperature gradients
Subsurface currents
Subsurface water
Surface salinity
Surface temperature
Issue Date: 1984
Series: IOC Manuals and Guides, 3
Abstract: All nations are profoundly influenced by the world oceans in many ways - some direct and obvious, others indirect and more subtle. Even those countries without ocean coastline feel the influence of the ocean, for example, as it affects world-wide weather and climate and In the availability of foreign goods and access to distant markets. Some influences of the ocean are benefitial; others may be detrimental to human activities ; most are beyond our ability to control, except in very limited ways, but, forewarned with a knowledge of the state of the ocean and even a limited prediction of future trends, it may often be possible to maximize the beneficial effects and to avoid or guard effectively against those which could be detrimental. The Integrated Global Ocean Services System (IGOSS) was conceived as a eans to collect and, exchange oceanic data in such a form that they can be readily interpreted and applied to practical problems. Data in various forms may be gathered from many sources, It is necessary to properly encode and route these data to processing centers using proper quality control procedures. It is then possible to prepare products which summarize and/or interpret the data in ways which are meaninful and useful to users, Finally, the products are distributed to users and the data are stored or "archived" for future use, The IGOSS system has been designed to carry out these functions in co-operation with other international agencies.
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