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Title: Heavy metals distribution of soils around mining sites of cadmium-rich marine sedimentary phosphorites of Kpogamé and Hahotoé (Southern Togo)
Authors: Gnandi, K.
Tobschall, H.J.
ASFA Terms: Heavy metals
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Environmental geology, 41. p. 593-600
Abstract: Metal concentrations of 37 soil samples taken from mining areas (abandoned mine pits and transport routes) in Kpogamé and Hahotoé (southern Togo) range from 0.2-43 ppm for Cd, 15-115 ppm for Pb, 182-1,029 ppm for Cr, 18-356 ppm for Cu, 15-342 pm for Ni, 90-513 ppm for V, 35-536 ppm for Zn, 80-469 ppm for Zr and 266-3,161 ppm for Sr. The tropical alteration of the ore waste plays an important role in the distribution of trace elements in the studied soils. Because the alteration affects the element mobility, generally old abandoned mining areas, which , together with soils near the transport routes, show a higher degree of contamination. Under low pH and oxidising conditions in studied soils Cd, Ni and Zn are generally easily mobilised and are thus available to the environment.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2715
ISSN: 0943-0105
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