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Title: Manual on international oceanographic data exchange
Authors: IOC
Corporate Author: UNESCO
Issue Date: 1965
Series: IOC Manual and Guides,
Abstract: The purpose of this manual (see Part I), is to assemble in convenientform forthe guidance and use of practising oceanographers the various documents concerned with the assembly and disssemination of oceanographic data of all kinds. The full and expeditious exchange of data is the core of meaningful scientific co-operation. Investigatioqs of phenomena and processes of global dimensions, such as those occurring in the ocean and atmosphere, are particularly dependent on the pooling of data from various sources. on a regional basis has been operated successfully for many years by the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea. The programme of the International Geophysical Year made necessary the creation of a world-wide system. Thus WorldData Centres A and B (Oceanography) were established in Washington and Moscow, their operations being financed by the United States and the USSR. These centres, together with those in other disciplines, are responsible to the International Geophysical Committee (CIG) of the International Couscil of Scientific Unions (see Appendix I to the manual). The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission has produced a "Provisional Guide for Exchange of Oceanographic Data" (Part I1 of this manual). While the terms of the ProvisionalGuide are Voluntary, it should be recognized that order is necessary in such a rapidly expanding science if the full advantages of this expansion are to be widely A system for exchanging oceanographic data realized in the most efficient way. Approximate time limits as well as methods for the submission of the various kinds of data remain therefore a feature of the revised Guide, although a less exacting one than before. The "Provisional Guide for Exchange of Oceanographic Data" is supplemented in this manual by recommendations of the IOC Working Group on Oceanographic Data Exchange (Part 111) adopted in January 1964 and approved by the Commission at its,third session. These recommendations give details which are not conveniently included in the Provisional Guide itself. World Data Centres will in due course receive oceanographic data, in accordance with the Provisional Guide for declared national, or international oceanographic programmes. Such programmes entail an obligation to send data to the W D C s . Data can be sent to WDCs by laboratories or other data centres. Part IV of the manual is a list of existing or projected national oceanographic data centres or other designated national agencies, with their addresses, methods of working, and, where applicable, the services offered by each to data contributors I The oceanographic data exchange system exists to facilitate the prosecution of marine research. Its success depends on the support of oceanographers, their supply and use of oceanographic data, and their suggestions for making the system responsive to their needs.
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