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Title: Performance of Clarias gariepinus in a polyculture with Oreochromis niloticus.
Authors: Oladosu, G.A.
Ayinla, O.A.
Onuoha, G.C.
Needom, J.G.
ASFA Terms: Fish culture
Issue Date: 1990
Series: Technical Paper, 65
Abstract: A study of the performance of Clarias gariepinus (African Mudfish) in a polyculture with Oreochromis niloticus (Tilapia), integrated with broiler chicken production was carried at the African Regional Aquaculture Centre, Nigeria. Three experimrntal treatments were utilized. Treatment I was a polyculture of C. gariepinus and O. niloticus integrated with broiler chicken production, with application of supplemental feed to fish. Treatment II was a repeat of treatment 1, except that no supplemental feed was applied to fish, while treatment III was a polyculture of the two fish species per se with application of supplemental feed to fish. Results showed that the final individual weight, individual weight gain and recovery rate were best for C. gariepinus, under treatment I. Moreover, C. gariepinus yield in treatment II was 47.7% of that of treatment I, while yield in treatment III was 15.6% and 32.7% of those treatments i and ii respectively. Furthermore the comparisons of the daily growth rate for each of the fish species under different treatments were made. Statistical analysis showed that there is no difference (F >0.10 and F > 0.05) in the mean growth rate and average yield of both fish species, in all the treatments. A further comparison of these parameters (mean daily growth rate and average yield) showed that there was significant difference in the mean daily growth rate between treatments I and III only, and in the mean yield between treatment I and II, I and III and II and III. Furthermore, the possible effect of some physico-chemical parameters of the pond water, on the growth and survivability of the stocked fish species were discussed.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2439
ISBN: 978-2345-065
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