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Title: Tolerance tests with three refined petroleum products and edible mollusc - Tympanotonus fascatus (Linne)
Authors: Oyewo, E.O.
ASFA Terms: Pollutant identification
Toxicity tests
Issue Date: 1988
Series: Technical Paper, 43
Abstract: The tolerance of Tympanotonus fuscatus (linne) to films and dispersions of three refined petroleum products has been investigated. The tolerance ranking was Diesel Oil > Kerosene > Petrol. The dispersions were more deleterious to the test animals by varying orders of magnitude. Responsiveness and the capacity for proper orientation were adversely affected with the latter being affected before the former. An indication of upper threshold values for two of the observed responses is presented.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2437
ISBN: 978-2345-040
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