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Título : Production of salted cakes from the flesh of stunted tilapia spp. and silage from their offal.
Autor : Akande, G.R.
ASFA Terms: Fish utilization
Fecha de publicación : 1989
Citación : Technical Paper, 50
Resumen : The yield of mince from stunted Tilapia species using a flesh-bone separator was investigated. Salt was added to the mince to prepare dried cakes with enhanced keeping qualities. Pre-heat treatment of the cakes prior to low temperature drying resulted in an initial moisture loss and improved the appearance, flavour and texture of the cakes. The dried cakes were assessed for total viable counts and sensory attributes after preparation and storage. Desalting of cakes was effected by boiling in water, Salted dried cakes were found to be microbiologically stable and the reconstituted cakes organoleptically acceptable after a storage period of 2 months. Feed compounded from Tilapia offal silage kept better than feed from fishmeal and was not mouldy after 6 months of storage.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2433
ISBN : 978-2345-049
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