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Title: Cottage level production of fish meal
Authors: Akande, G.R.
Simpa, J.
ASFA Terms: Feed preparation
Issue Date: 1992
Series: Technical Paper, 81
Abstract: Fishmeal is a vital component used in animal feed formulations. The present status of fisheries industry in Nigeria is mainly artisanal. The artisanal sector contributes over 90% of the total landing while the industrial sector contributes less than 10%. The artisanal sector is thus a potentially huge source of fish meal. Possible source of raw materials for fish meal production at cottage level includes artisanal seasonal glut and waste from the consumption industry. These two sources cannot sustain the setting up of fish meal plant on a large scale. A method to produce fish meal from artisanal fishing activities and waste from canning industry was investigated using simple processes of cooking, pressing and drying. The fish meal produced by direct sun-drying and using solar dryer compares well with meal produced by the conventional wet process method. The meal is made from the waste of herring canning industry. Qualitative comparison was made of meal produced using conventional fish meal plant and the proposed cottage level method.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2428
ISBN: 978-2345-085
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