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Title: Comunidades del plancton en la Caleta Aeolian de la Isla Baltra - Galápagos (Ecuador), durante 2005
Authors: Naranjo, Ch.
Tapia, M.E.
ASFA Terms: Plankton
Primary production
Biological production
Community composition
Fish eggs
Surface temperature
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Instituto Oceanográfico de la Armada, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Citation: Acta Oceanográfica del Pacífico, 14(1). p. 49-55
Abstract: El propósito del trabajo es determinar la composición, abundancia de los grupos dominantes del fitoplancton y zooplancton, establecer las especies de Quetognatos y su relación con la temperatura superficial del mar durante marzo de 2005 correspondiente a la época húmeda.
During the study one collected superficial water samples in 12 stations distributed in the Aeolian Bay of the Baltra, Galapagos Islands to determine the primary productivity and secundary on the chain it would feed, the samples of plankton were collected during days 9 to the 13 of march of 2005. In relation to the biomass cellular one identified 24 species in the superface waterproof cloak and 84 species were determined in the samples of network of 50u. In the phytoplankton community, the diatoms prevailed dominant and in smaller concentration the dinoflagelados groups, silicoflagellates, cocolithoforids. In counts cells the dominant species in the area in study were Gymnodinium sp., Filamentos sp., Coscinodiscus excentricus, Thalassiotrix frauenfeldii. In the netwoork samples (50u), the typical water species were registered with high productivity characteristics; Corethron criophyllum, Chaetoceros peruvianus. As far as the zooplanktony productivity a greater biomass collected with the network of 335u in comparison with the network of 600u was determined, and it stands out that the hight biomass of zooplankton was in station 4. Additionally a proportional relation inversely between the abundances of Eggs of fish and taxa of Quetognatos was observed. As far as the species of Quetognatos the presence in abundance order was observed Sagitta neglecta, S. bedoti, S. pacifica, these species are typically of wet season.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2346
ISSN: 1390-0226
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