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Title: Estimacion de corrientes marinas en el Golfo de Batabano
Authors: Arriaza Oliveros, L.
Simanca Cardenas, Y.
Rodas Fernández, L.
Milian, D.
ASFA Terms: Ocean currents
Issue Date: 2006
Citation: Taller Internacional de Contaminacion y Proteccion del Medio Ambiente, IV, La Habana, Cuba.
Abstract: The simulation operational tool known as SIMulación de COrrientes (SIMCO) is a part of a methodology to forecast marine currents into cuban shelf. This tool is based on a lineal model. Gulf of Batabanó is an almost closed shallow water body whit flat bottom, that includes a surface of 20 850 km2 and its average depth is about 6 m. This work offers the results of such a comparison between the results of the application of SIMCO to Gulf of Batabanó and current measurements. SIMCO is a good representation of the marine currents inside of the gulf, the overestimation mean error is equal to 3.8 cm/s for the south boundary of gulf when SIMCO run whit a kind of horizontal resolution of 2 nm and the overestimation errors decreases when the horizontal resolution rise up.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2228
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