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Title: Heavy minerals in the Nigeria river sediments
Authors: Awosika, L.F.
Akpati, B.N.
ASFA Terms: Marine ecology
Marine pollution
Issue Date: 1988
Series: Technical Paper, 35
Abstract: Analysis of 450 sediment samples from various rivers in Nigeria have resulted in the identification of seven major drainage systems some of which may be potential sources of heavy mineral contribution to the continental shelf. The seven major drainage systems are: (1) Niger/Benue drainage system with coarse to medium size sediments and a high of 90% opaque mineral concentration in many cases. Some gem heavy minerals like garnet and zircon are also recorded. (2) Gombi drainage system: consists of medium to coarse sand. Opaque mineral concentrations are also high. Up to 90.59% at station BO.99.3. (3) Bauchi Plateau drainage system: Sediments from this drainage system are very coarse and highly angular. This drainage system records the highest overall opaque mineral concentration. 46.00% to 92.51%. This area also records the occurrence of zircon 8.0% in some stations. (4) Sokoto drainage system: Sediments from this drainage system again range from medium to coarse sand, which are moderately well sorted, and largely leptokurtic to platykurtic. Opaque minerals range between 27.66% to a high of 86.66%. The ultrastable minerals zircon, rutile and tourmaline are also found to be present in many of the samples from this drainage system. (5) Kabba-Kaima (Kwara) drainage system: Sediments from this area are generally well sorted medium sand which are rather low in opaque minerals with many stations having less than 300 heavy mineral grains per slide. However, zircon, rutile and tourmaline record appreciable concentrations of 13.33% in some stations. (6) Adamawa drainage system: This drainage system consists of coarse sand, which are mainly very well sorted, and strongly to
Description: 50pp, illus., tables
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2217
ISBN: 978--2345--032
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