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Titre: A review of the pollution of coastal waters in Nigeria
Auteur(s): Ajao, E.A.
Oyewo, E.O.
Unyimadu, J.P.
mot-clé ASFA: Marine pollution
Date de publication: 1996
Collection/Numéro: Technical Paper, 107
Résumé: The coastal waters in Nigeria are described in relation to the general morphology, vegetation and beach Type along the 850km coastal. The environmental sensitivity of the fragile Niger delta ecosystem is expressed by the numerous estuaries, rivers, creeks, lacustrine and inshore waters which support freshwater and brackish water mangrove swamps. Ocean resources exploited from the Niger delta and adjacent Continental platform include oil, gas and fishes. The general hydrograph and superfial circulation are described against the background of human activities in coastal settlements and developmental pressures for resource utilisation giving rise to water pollution. Micropollutants identified and measured so far include organic waste, trace heavy metals and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Although there is dearth of data for most coastal areas, there is a good basis for further monitoring by continuous standardized Measurements and observations to obtain reliable scientific data for management policies and regulatory framework for the protection of the coaster waters.
Description: illus., tables
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2214
ISBN: 978--2345--113
Collection(s) :Annual Reports

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