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Title: Estructura de las comunidades de la meiofauna de la Bahía de Nipe, Cuba
Authors: Cuervo, Z.
Armenteros, M.
Capetillo, N.
Arencibia, G.
Pérez, I.
González, G.
ASFA Terms: Heavy metals
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: CONyMA
Citation: IV Taller Internacional Contaminación y Protección del Medio Ambiente.
Abstract: The structure of meiofaunal communities was surveyed in 17 stations in Nipe Bay, Cuba in July, 2001. Levels of Nickel (all stations) are higher than in several bays in Cuba, probably due to natural causes. The levels of Copper, Zinc, Fe and Manganese indicate a relative low pollution, likely related to the presence of urban settlements. There is decrease in the total density and number of taxa of meiofauna in the stations with higher levels of metals; the copepods appear to be particularly sensitivity to metal pollution. The stations located at the mouth of the bay have the lowest levels of contamination and the highest total density of organisms and taxa richness, probably due to a more intense turnover of the waters in this area and consequent lower accumulation of pollutants in the sediments. The more inner stations exhibit higher levels of contamination and possess community structures characterized by low richness of taxa and reduced density of meiofauna.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2173
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