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Title: Calidad ambiental de la zona costera del Golfo de Batabanó, Cuba
Authors: Martínez Canals, M.
Montalvo, J.F.
Miravet, M.E.
Lugioyo, M.
Loza, S.
Pérez, R.
García, I.
Rodríguez, A.
Cesar, M.E.
Esponda, S.
Sánchez, M.
Delgado, V.
ASFA Terms: Phytoplankton
Water quality
Primary production
Environmental monitoring
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: CONyMA
Citation: IV Taller Internacional Contaminación y Protección del Medio Ambiente.
Abstract: The anthropogenic affectation was evaluated on the coast N of the Gulf of Batabanó in May 2003 (corresponding to the provinces of Matanzas and Havana), in areas located in the line of the coast. The results were compared with the historical information of the sector. In the coast N and the Ensenada of the Broa, the parameters oxygen saturation, DBO5 and DQO showed characteristic high values of eutrofication. The biggest contribution in the Cianoficies was in the near coastal areas to sources of organic contamination. In the case of the nutrients they show specific data of mesothrofic waters with tendency to the eutrofization and the silts presented a high affectation for toxic metals. The area near to Guanímar is distinguished to present conditions of organic contamination that favor heterothrofic conditions, corroborated by a prevalence of the processes of mineralization of the organic matter over primary production and lows values of fitoplankton concentration. On the contrary, in the region of Surgidero of Batabanó, the processes of synthesis of organic matter prevail suggested by a high primary production, and concentration of fitoplankton, with low breathing levels and mineralization of the organic matter, that indicates that the system is behaving autothrofically. In a general way, this sector is very affected by the anthropogenic impact. The information obtained is of great importance for the development of the fishing and tourist industries in the area.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2172
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