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Titre: Aporte contaminante de las aguas residuales de la industria pesquera cubana y su impacto sobre el ecosistema
Auteur(s): Romero López, T.
mot-clé ASFA: Fishery industry
Waste water
Environmental impact
Date de publication: 2006
Editeur: CONyMA
Référence bibliographique: IV Taller Internacional Contaminación y Protección del Medio Ambiente.
Résumé: The present paper involves their results in the pollutant contributions to the aquatic ecosystems according to the products processed in different productive facilities of the Cuba Island, and concerning to the most significant fishing resources as lobster, white shrimp, tuna, shark, snapper, mackerel, jack and bill fish. The polluting loads in 12 years (between 1955 and 1999) respond to the indicators BOD, QOD, TP, TNK and N-NH4. The captures for those years were approximately between 3 950 and 23 970 tons, with fluctuations of BOD loads between 56 and 342 tons and of DQO between 111 and 676 tons. The principal nutrients contribution was the nitrogen, followed by the phosphorous and finally the ammonium, representing a total contribution of 136,3; 52,7 and 18,0 tons respectively in those 12 years. For the purification of this pollutant concurrence is necessary 600 tons of oxygen that is in correspondence with a contribution of 100 x 106 m3 of seawater, insinuating the impracticable of a natural purification process. The report culminates with the possible affectations caused by discharges of polluted waters on the ecosystems, recommending the use of the information offered in this document, with the objective to elaborate the future plans that allow to establish environmental programs, as well as to estimate the treatment system effectiveness operation, required to implement in the Cuban fishing industry.
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/2083
Collection(s) :6. Eventos (CIP)

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