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Title: Caprellids from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, with description of three new species and a key for species identification
Other Titles: Caprélidos de la costa Caribe de Colombia, con la descripción de tres especies nuevas y una clave para la identificación de las especies
Authors: Guerra-García, J.M.
Krapp-Schickel, T.
Müller, H.G.
ASFA Terms: Taxonomy
New species
Identification keys
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: INVEMAR, Santa Marta (Colombia)
Citation: Boletín de investigaciones marinas y costeras, 35. p. 149-194
Abstract: The Caprellidae (Crustacea: Amphipoda) of shallow waters of the Caribbean coast of Colombia, South America, are investigated. This is the first study dealing with the caprellidean fauna of this area. A total of 45 stations from Punta Brava to Punta Cañaveral, at Santa Marta region, Colombia, was selected, and samples of algae, coral rubble, sponges, hydroids, bryozoans and sediments were collected from the intertidal zone to 30 m depth. Ten species in seven genera were found (three of which are new to science): Aciconula sp., Caprella cf. penantis Leach, 1814, Caprella danilevskii Czerniavskii, 1868, Deutella caribensis n.sp., D. incerta (Mayer, 1903), D. mayeri Stebbing, 1895, Hemiaegina minuta Mayer, 1890, Paracaprella pusilla Mayer, 1890, Pseudaeginella colombiensis n.sp., and Tritella chibcha n.sp. All the species are fully illustrated, and a key to species level for all species is also provided.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/1978
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ISSN: 0122-9761
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