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Titre: Efecto de la fertilización con diferentes razones N-P sobre la productividad primaria en la granja camaronera Calisur
Autre(s) titre(s): Fertilization effects with different rates nitrogen-phosphorus on primary productivity in the Calisur shrimp farming
Auteur(s): Machado Tamayo, R.
Jaime Ceballos, B.
Nodar, R.
Pérez, A.M.
Marrero, J.
mot-clé ASFA: Shrimp culture
Experimental research
Date de publication: 2003
Editeur: CIVA
Référence bibliographique: II Congreso Iberoamericano Virtual de Acuicultura. p. 945-953
Résumé: To achieve an appropriate handling of the natural productivity of a cultivation pond, it is required of the study of several aspects, inside which the primary productivity and the fertilization play a fundamental roll. Because the objective of this work was to study the influence of the fertilization with different reasons nitrogen-phosphorus (N:P) on the phytoplankton concentration in the Calisur shrimps farming. The relationships were evaluated (N:P) 5:1; 10:1; 15:1 and one that served as control. The commercial fertilizers urea and triple superphosphate were used (SPT), in conical cylinder tanks of fibber glass with a capacity of 500 l to the bleakness in the area of the ponds. The water was taken from the channel of supply of the farm and registered daily the physical and chemical factors of the culture, taking samples for the qualitative and quantitative analyses of the phytoplankton. The salinity was the parameter that had the biggest influence on the phytoplankton concentration being the reason 5:1 which presented the biggest concentrations of microalgae of the group of the diatomeas in cell/ml, continued by the treatment where the proportion was applied 10:1. It was determined that it exists a general prevalence of Cianophytes and Clorophytes independently of the water of supply of this shrimps farming in which the fertilization treatment was applied.
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/1949
Collection(s) :4. Separatas (CIP)

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