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Title: Reports on Activities of the IODE Groups of Experts: IODE Group of Experts on Technical Aspects of Data Exchange (GETADE)
Authors: Reed, G.
ASFA Terms: Oceanographic data
Issue Date: 2002
Series: Seventeenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE)
Abstract: The IODE Group of Experts on the Technical Aspects of Data Exchange (GETADE) has the following terms of reference (IODE-XV, 1996): (i) Collaborate with IGOSS-CP, IODE GE-MIM and the data management groups of other international bodies and scientific programmes in the development of technical solutions for the management, exchange and easier integration of oceanographic data and information with data from other disciplines. (ii) Collaborate with IODE GE-MIM in the development of a common WWW interface for IODE Centres to deliver data and information in a consistent manner. (iii) Develop a set of documents to be used by data originators or data centres which describe guidelines for formatting ocean data and information. (iv) Continue the developments of a common data format which conforms to other major data collection programmes, meets the needs to handle more diverse data types and is independent of the exchange medium. This will include as appropriate the specification of software modules that may be required. (v) Liaise with other programmes and agencies concerned with oceanographic data exchange to ensure as much as possible a closer alignment of data structure and content. At the 8th Session of GETADE (TADE-VII, 2000) the Group discussed at length the direction in which it felt GETADE should develop in the next years. The Group identified the following medium-term objectives for GETADE: Objective 1: Develop End-To-End Data Management framework strategy and appropriate projects, products and services, based on user requirements. Objective 2: Develop IODE Global metadata management system. Objective 3: Develop marine XML as a mechanism to facilitate format and platform independent information, metadata and data exchange. Objective 4: Develop the IODE Resource Kit as a marine data and information management reference tool for scientists and data/information managers. Objective 5: Organize integrated national and regional level capacity building projects and programmes, linking equipment, training and operational activities. Objective 6: Develop a high-quality IODE web presence and IODE Data/Information Management Portal, as a mechanism to promote IODE, to reinforce the ‘IODE family’ principle, and to guide users to marine information, metadata and data sources.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/1824
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