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Titre: Epibionts on Flexopecten felipponei (Dall, 1922), an uncommon scallop from Argentina
Auteur(s): Schejter, L.
Bremec, C.
mot-clé ASFA: Benthos
Community composition
Date de publication: 2007
Référence bibliographique: American malacological bulletin, 22. p. 75-82
Résumé: Flexopecten felipponei (Dall, 1922) is a non-commercial, seldom reported pectinid from the SW Atlantic Ocean. In this contribution we review its taxonomy, describe epifaunal species and their levels of encrustation, and discuss the composition of the macrobenthic assemblage where this scallop Iives. Eighteen epibiont taxa were observed to Iive on the valves of these scallops. The most frequent and abundant epibionts on F. felipponei were serpulids, barnacles, and oysters. Although both valves were encrusted, the left valves had higher percentages of coverage. The benthic community contained 69 invertebrate taxa that generally charaeterize other mid-shelf bottorns between 37°S and 39°S. Eight pea crabs of the species Tumidotheres maculatus (Say, 1818)were found inside eight individuals of F. felipponei. Two other scallops had burrows of Polydora websteri Hartman, 1943. These were the first observations of these infestations on F. felipponei.
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/1815
Collection(s) :5. Artículos en otras publicaciones

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