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Titre: Report of the Chair of the IODE Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (GE-MIM)
Auteur(s): Tapaswi, M.
Simpson, P.
mot-clé ASFA: Information services
Date de publication: 2000
Collection/Numéro: Sixteenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE)
Résumé: The Sixth Session of the IODE Group of Experts on Marine Information Management (GE-MIM) took place 31 May-03 Jun 1999 in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. After a successful intersessional period of three years, there were some major accomplishments to be acknowledged : •The excellent IOC World Wide Website, which will continue under MIM to be constantly maintained using state of the art technology tools, the inclusion of dataset and information databases , directories and the IOC Electronic Library providing a catalogue and full text of IOC publications. •The attainment of 10,000 entries on the Global Directory of Marine and Freshwater Professionals (GLODIR) with activity directed at regional input (see IODE XVI, Doc 19) •The continued success of the East African regional information network, RECOSCIX-WIO and imminent start of RECOSCIX-CEA for West Africa. •The provision of Ariel software to enable fast provision of information using electronic document delivery. •The support to LIS colleagues in Developing Countries to attend training courses, workshops and professional conferences organised by IAMSLIC and EURASLIC •The growing interaction between the data and information communities under the aegis of IODE particularly on metadata and field definition, to progress the MEDI as a standard for dataset inventories.
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Collection(s) :2. IODE Session Working Documents
01. Bulletin Scientifique de l'IMROP

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