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Titre: IODE OceanTeacher
Auteur(s): Brown, M.
Pikula, L.
Reed, G.
mot-clé ASFA: Oceanography
Date de publication: 2002
Collection/Numéro: Seventeenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange (IODE)
Résumé: The OceanTeacher website and CD-ROM publication have proven to be powerful and flexible tools for marine data and information management training. There are two segments of OceanTeacher: marine data management and marine information management. The IODE trainers have created an encyclopedic Resource Kit covering all aspects of the subjects. Through continual updates, the Kit provides the latest versions of popular public-domain software, documentation for global and regional datasets, documentation for major formats, and links to data sources. Other resources in OceanTeacher for data management include annually written Training Manuals, and specially produced regional datasets (currently five volumes are published online). The Information Management Courses cover the breadth of marine information science from establishing an information center, building and documenting a collection, to developing professional connections and working with information technology.
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/1749
Collection(s) :2. IODE Session Working Documents

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