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Titre: Status of Exchange of Data and Information between the IOC Regional Programmes and the IODE System
Corporate Author: IOC for UNESCO
mot-clé ASFA: Oceanographic data
Regional planning
Date de publication: 1996
Collection/Numéro: Fifteenth Session of the IOC Committee on International Oceanographic Data and Information Exchange
Résumé: The regional subsidiary bodies of the IOC have been developed since the middle 1970s and in particular during the 1980s to foster intergovernmental co-operation in marine sciences. The basic ideas are that regional co-operation including that of marine science is a necessity because of the dynamics of the ocean and the marine environment (as well as its resources); because a regional perspective helps define priorities and priority needs; because of the pooling efforts and because it fosters regional and national development and supports a multi-lateral economy; because to address many marine problems on a regional rather than a national or global basis is more effective in view of the dynamical properties of the ocean environment and its interactions with land and atmosphere.
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Collection(s) :2. IODE Session Working Documents

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