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Titre: Propagación de la onda de marea en canales adyacentes a Campos de Hielo Sur
Autre(s) titre(s): Tide wave propagation in channels adyacent to South Ice Fields
Auteur(s): Fierro, J.
Castillo, M.
Valenzuela, C.
mot-clé ASFA: Tides
Harmonic analysis
Spectral analysis
Sea level
Sea level changes
Monitoring systems
Tidal dynamics
Tidal waves
Ice fields
Date de publication: 2003
Editeur: Comité Oceanográfico Nacional
Référence bibliographique: Ciencia y tecnología del mar (Valparaiso), 26(1). p. 5-14
Résumé: During the research cruise Cimar-Fiordo 2, carried out in late 1996, sea level was recorded in three stations located in channels, Messier (Puerto Edén), Wide (Punta Beresford) and Concepción (Caleta Patria). The measurements were of short term, starting in October 20th and finishing in December 13th, 1996. The sea level in those stations, was analyzed in the time and frequency dominion, and some tide non harmonic values were calculated. Results showed that tides evident influence in sea level signal, with a clear mixt semidiurnal behavior, and a daily inequality between high and low waters. The highest tide range was observed in puerto Edén, showing the effect of the local orography configuration while the wave propagates into the channel, and experiences non linear effects modification. The low frequency sea level signal is perceptible even it has very small amplitude. However, due to the series short length it was not possible a proper resolution of the low frequency energy spectrum. From the spectral analysis, was clearly advisable that tides is the most energetic phenomenon that shows its biggest expression particularly in the semidiurnal frequency in all stations.
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ISSN: 0716-2006
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