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Titre: Second ODINCARSA Training Course in Marine Information Management
Corporate Author: IOC for UNESCO
mot-clé ASFA: Training
Date de publication: 2005
Collection/Numéro: 82
Résumé: The Second ODINCARSA Training Course in Marine Information Management was held in the IODE Project Office in Oostende, Belgium. 12 Participants attended the Training Course from 9 countries including Argentina, Chili, Colombia, Cuba, Ecuador, Mexico, Trinidad & Tobogo, Uruguay and Venezuela. Resource persons included Mrs Catalina Lopez, Mr Marc Goovaerts, Mr Paul Nieuwenhuysen and Mr Rodney Martinez. The course included theoretical lectures and applications on Information Management, some planning issues on Marine information component of ODINCARSA, and the report of activities of Regional IAMSLIC Latin American Group. One of the main outcomes of the training was the agreement of the group to draft the Project for the ODINCARSA Marine sciences Digital Repository. The group designated coordination and technical commissions in order to implement the project in its pilot phase during year 2006. Another regional issue was the steps to hasten the constitution of the regional IAMSLIC Group for the Caribbean.
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Collection(s) :5. IODE Training Course Reports

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