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Título : Macrophytes of Lake Victoria and succession after invasion of Water Hyacinth
Autor : Omondi, R.
Kusewa, Mwende
Corporate Author: Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Nairobi (Kenya)
ASFA Terms: Aquatic plants
Ecological succession
Introduced species
Species extinction
Inland waters
Water reservoirs
Geographical distribution
Emergent vegetation
Water bodies
Fecha de publicación : 2006
Citación : Odada, Eric & Olago, Daniel O. & Ochola, Washington & Ntiba, Micheni & Wandiga, Shem & Gichuki, Nathan & Oyieke, Hilda (Ed.) Proceedings of the 11th World Lakes Conference: vol. 2, 2006. p. 600-602.
Resumen : The distribution of Lake Victoria (Kenya) macrophytes is described. Succession of macrophytes in the lake became more dramatic and dynamic after invasion of water hyacinth. The weed pushes and smothers other free-floating macrophytes like Pistia stratiotes. It then provides substrates for the emergent Vossia cuspidata, which later reduces its population by competition for light and nutrients. The noxious weed is believed to have led to extinction of Azolla nilotica in the lake.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/1834/1496
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