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Title: Caracteristicas de la pesca artesanal en el Partido de la Costa (Cabo San Antonio) y perfil socioeconomico de la actividad.
Other Titles: Characteristics of the artisanal fishery of the de la Costa County (San Antonio Cape) and socioeconomic profile of the activity.
Authors: Lagos, A.N.
Theses advisor: Lasta, C.A.
ASFA Terms: Artisanal fishing
Catch statistics
Socioeconomic aspects
Coastal fisheries
Issue Date: 2001
Abstract: There is a lack of scientific information about the artisanal fishery in the de la Costa County (Buenos Aires province, Argentina). Moreover, this artisanal sector does not have fishing statistics because local fishermen are not obliged to hand in fishing reports, where even basic data on catch and fleet effort should be included. The main objective was the analysis of the artisanal fishery in the de la Costa County from the biological, economic and social point of view. One 132 sample stations were analyzed between 56 degree -57 degree W and 36 degree -37 degree S from 1992 to 1999. Moreover, information on the artisanal fleet, environmental conditions and the arrival of tourists to the de la Costa County was also analyzed. Fishing yield (FY) per boat was estimated as: FY=total catch/n of nets x fishing time. The artisanal fleet caught only 20.6% of the available species in the area. The absence in the commercial catch of frequent species in the area, or species with high relative density, may be the result of the fishing gear selectivity (gill net). The FY per boat calculated during the summer (summer/99-00) indicates uniformity in the capture. This is related to the homogenous characteristics of the fleet. Furthermore, monthly differences in FY, may be the result of the resources available in the area. Due to mesh size and the fishing method, five species support this fishery along the year: mouth croaker (Micropogonias furnieri), parona leatherjack (Parona signata), Patagonian smoothhound (Mustelus schmitti), stripped weakfish (Cynoscion guatucupa) and Brazilian codling (Urophycis brasiliensis).
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/1490
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