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Title: Incidence of parastic infection of pond raised tilapia spp and some cultivable fish species from three ecological areas of Lagos state
Authors: Awa, J.N.
Anyanwu, P.E.
ASFA Terms: Aquaculture development
Fish farms
Issue Date: 1988
Abstract: Fish samples were collected from Lekki and Badagry lagoon and the Institute’s experimental fish farm, Lagos, from February 1983 to September 1984. Three thousand seven hundred and eighty six brooders and fingerlings rAnging between 3.5cm and 50.2cm in total length and weighing between 2.56g and 976,0g were examined. External parasites observed on Saratherodon galilaeus included monogenean trematodes, Gyrodactylus spp and Dactylogyrus spp; copepod, Argulus spp, and annelid (Piscilid) leeches on the body surface and gills. T. guineensis were infected by endoparasitic digenean trematodes and nematodes in the alimentary tract. Clarius gariepinus and Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus were infected with cestodes and nematodes. Infection was very high between October and August when the ranges of temperature, dissolved oxygen, salinity and pH were 22.6-34.0oC, 1.95-9.2mg/1; 36-18.0%o; and 4.65-8.3 respectively. The values are within the favourable range for the survival of parasites (Plumb and Taylor 1976).
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/1264
ISBN: 978--2345--029
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