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Titre: The management and directions for future research on Lake Victoria multispecies fisheries
Auteur(s): Okemwa, E.
mot-clé ASFA: Artisanal fishing
Fishery management
Fishery resources
Date de publication: 1994
Référence bibliographique: Okemwa, E.; Wakwabi, E.O.; Getabu, A. (Ed.) Proceedings of the Second EEC Regional Seminar on Recent Trends of Research on Lake Victoria Fisheries, NAIROBI : ICIPE SCIENCE, p. 183-196
Résumé: A brief review is presented on some of the measures taken to manage Lake Victoria multispecies fisheries. It is suggested that management enforcement is not working. The linkage between research, policy making, industry and artisanal fishery is considered. The paper examines how the whole process of taking management decisions might be modified to take into account the realities of life in the riparian states around the lake and of the complexities and uncertainties of multispecies fisheries. Research and assessment are considered. Understanding the multispecies fisheries and characteristics of contemporary fisheries management are described. Recommendations for future research are given.
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/1220
ISBN: 9290640789
Collection(s) :Conference Papers

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