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Titre: TANZANIA- Coastal Tourism Situation Analysis
mot-clé ASFA: Tourism
Coastal zone management
Resource management
Date de publication: 2001
Résumé: This report provides a broad assessment of the current status of coastal tourism in Tanzania and identifies the priority actions that need to be taken in order to develop a sustainable coastal tourism industry. Tourism is one of Tanzania's leading economic sectors, providing employment, foreign exchange and international recognition. For many years, tourism has relied solely on the superb wildlife found in the country. It is only recently that the need to diversify away from wildlife tourism and focus on coastal and cultural tourism has been recognized.
Description: Research Groups : The National Environment Council; Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island, Narragansett, Rhode Island USA
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/120
Collection(s) :Reports (TCMP)

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