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Titre: Some limnological characteristics of the lower Sondu-Miriu River, Kenya
Auteur(s): Mwashote, B.M.
Shimbira, W.
mot-clé ASFA: Absorption spectra
Physical oceanography
Population density
Species diversity
Date de publication: 1994
Editeur: ICIPE Science Press
Référence bibliographique: Okemwa, E.; Wakwabi, E.O.; Getabu, A. (Ed.) Proceedings of the Second EEC Regional Seminar on Recent Trends of Research on Lake Victoria Fisheries, Nairobi : ICIPE Science Press, p. 15-27
Résumé: Chemical and physical investigations of water on a 10 km section of the Sondu-Miriu river in Kenya were conducted in 1988-1990. They revealed no significant spatial variation between three sampling stations. Variation existed between the waters of a floodpool and the river. Flooding had a general diluting effect on the nutrients. All the physical and chemical parameters investigated were within tolerable limits of water quality according to WHO criteria for drinking water, fisheries and other aquatic life. A total of 22 phytoplankton and 9 zooplankton genera were recorded. The algae Microcystis (cyanobacteria) and Navicula (diatom) were dominant. Mean densities were 283 cells or colonies per ml for phytoplankters and 10 organisms per ml for zooplankton. 60% of the zooplankton genera observed were found in the floodpool. Community diversity and density were found to vary between sampling stations as well as seasons. Variations in turbidity, nutrient availability and rate of water flow were major determinants for plankton occurrence.
URI/URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1834/1177
ISBN: 9290640789
Collection(s) :Conference Papers

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