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Título : Towards Integrated Management and Sustainable Development of Zanzibar's Coast.
Corporate Author: Institute of Marine Science
ASFA Terms: Coastal zone management
Resource management
Environment management
Fecha de publicación : 2002
Resumen : The purpose of this document is to begin a dialogue in Zanzibar about how government, in partnership with local communities and the private sector, can carry out integrated planning and management for coastal resources and regions. It is meant to serve two purposes: To provide a starting point f or addressing the urgent coastal issues facing the Chwaka Bay-Paje Area. It is hoped that the strategy outlined in this document developed through an open, participatory process will provide a basis for avoiding and resolving problems at the site. To enrich and inform the discussion on ho w to address increasingly urgent coastal management problems nation wide. It is hoped that the Chwaka Bay-Paje Area can serve as a model for other areas and help us move forward on a national approach to coastal management. This document has been developed by an Interagency Planning Team led by the Department of Environment and consisting of individuals from the Tanzanian Subcommissions of Fisheries and Forestry, Commission of Lands and the Environment, and Institute of Marine Sciences. The planning team began work in September, 1994 and has been engaged in reviewing information and holding consultation with village residents, hoteliers, and local and national agencies to clearly identify pertinent issues, reach consensus on management objectives, and begin to develop strategies to address the issues.
Descripción : Research groups :Department of Environment;Institute of Marine Sciences;Subcommission for Forestry;Subcommission for Fisheries;Integrated Planning Unit
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/1834/111
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