Recent Submissions

  • Mkuranga Governance Baseline 

    Torell, Elin; Mmochi, Aviti (Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island, 2006)
    Mkuranga district is one of the six districts that form the Pwani Region (Figure 1). It was established in 1995, when the eastern part and coastal area of the Kisarawe district was cut off to form the district of Mkuranga. ...
  • Menai Governance Baseline 

    Torell, Elin; Mmochi, Aviti; Palmigiano, Karen (Coastal Resources Center, University of Rhode Island, 2006)
    Menai Bay Conservation Area (MBCA) is situated in the southwest of Unguja, the main island of the Zanzibar Archipelago, and covers an area of 467 km² including 6 islets, with a seaward boundary close to 61 km offshore. It ...
  • Bagamoyo governance baseline 

    Torell, Elin; Mmochi, Aviti; Spiering, Penny (Coastal Resources Centre - University of Rhode Island, 2006)
  • Coastal Impacts of Water Abstraction and Impoundment in Africa: the Case of Rufiji River 

    Shaghude, Y.W. (2005-02-24)
    Construction of large dams with reservoir type storage impound water behind them for seasonal annual, and in some cases for multi-annual storage and regulation of a river. Similarly, tubewells abstract surface and ground ...
  • The Study of Sediment Characteristics and Nearshore Sediment Dynamicsin Coastal Tanzania 

    Shaghude, Y.W. (2004)
    The nearshore morphological features, its sediment dynamics and characteristics of the Tanzania Mainland coastal stretch between the rivers Pangani and Wami were investigated. The study is a continuation of other similar ...
  • Towards Integrated Management and Sustainable Development of Zanzibar's Coast. 

    Institute of Marine Science (2002)
    The purpose of this document is to begin a dialogue in Zanzibar about how government, in partnership with local communities and the private sector, can carry out integrated planning and management for coastal resources and ...

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