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Título : Ultrastructural Of Oncorhynchus kisutch muscle development
Autor : Rabah, S.
ASFA Terms: Biology
Fecha de publicación : 2005
Editorial : Alexandria: NIOF
Citación : Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research, 31 (1), p. 329-355
Resumen : In a second study of electromicroscopic analysis of ultrastructural organelles of coho salmon muscle showed a significant increase in lipid droplet density in the largest stages compared with the smallest fish. The opposite was observed with the mitochondria where its density decreased in the large sized fish. An apparent decrease in capillary density with increasing body mass was also observed. These finding may imply a possible additional role of lipid depot as fish grew from parr to smolt.
URI : http://hdl.handle.net/1834/1062
ISSN : 1110-0354
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