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    • Abundance and Distribution of the ctenophore Mnemiopsis leidyi in Southeastern of the Caspian Sea 

      Roohi, Abolghasem; Naderi, M.; Vahedi, F.; Qasemi, S.; Afraei, M.A.; Bagheri, S.; Rostamiya, M.T. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2003)
      Without abstract.
    • The Accomplition of limnologic Study of Shiroud River (West of Mazandaran) 

      Najafpour, Shaban; Nasrollazadeh Saravi, H.; Taghei Rostamian, M.; Hashemian, A.; Makhlogh, A.; Afraei, M.A.; Kayhansani, A.R.; Olomei, Y. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2005)
      The shiroud river is one of the important riveres in point of view of fisheries matter which located in western part of Mazndran provience. The project of Limnological study have done in this river during June/ 2002 - ...
    • Accumulation of trace elements in A. persicus tissues in relation to feeding habits and mode of absorption of these pollutants 

      Sadeghi Rad, Marjan; Haddadi Moghadam, Korosh; Jooshideh, H.; Pourang, N.; Shariat, F. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2003)
      Bioaccumulation of heavy metals Cd, Pb, Cu and Zn in muscle tissue and organs (gills, liver, kidney and stomach) in A. persicus was studied in the ‘Iranian fishery zone 1’ lying between Astara (48? and 52' east longitude ...
    • Active analysis of condition of feed and feeding in Iranian sturegeon fish larvae 

      Hafezieh, M.; Matinfar, A.; Bahamani, M.; Chobian, F.; Dadgar, Sh.; Sharifian, M.; Mokhayer, Z. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2015)
      In the first chapter, all documents in aquaculture feed, feed formulation, nutritional requirement and basic concepts of aquatic feeding had been collected. The second chapter focused on broodstock feeding in order ...
    • Adaptation and use of amphipoda in fish culture ponds in order to increase fish production 

      Mirzajani, Ali Reza; Babaei, H.; Toragi, M.R.; Ganeh, A.; Sabkara, J.; Makaremi, M.; Khatib, S.; Sayadrahim, M.; Zahmatkesh, Y.; Khoshhal, J.; Bagheri, S.; Iran, M. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2009)
      Use and enrichment of live food resource in fish farms have been interested and highly demanded. Crustacean are one of the important groups. The Pontogammarus maeoticus dominated in southern Caspian Sea shore with a high ...
    • Advances in air breathing fish culture in India 

      Navidar, N. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 1990)
      Without abstract.
    • Age, Growth, Feeding regime reproduction and Sexual maturity of Rutilus frisii Kutum in Iranian coastal waters of Caspian Sea 

      Afraeibandpay, Mohammad Ali; Abdolmaleki, Sh.; Keymaram, F.; Parafkandeh, F.; Janbaz, A.A.; Daryanabard, Gh.R.; Taleshian, H.; Ghasemi, Sh.; Kor, D.; Larijani, M.; Fazli, H. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2009)
      The project of Age, growth, feeding regime and fecundity of Kutum (Rutilus frisii Kutum) survey started in south of the Caspian Sea from 2006 to 2007. The aim of project was related to determination of length maturity (Lm50%), ...
    • Algal mass Culture and Survey of Economic Aspects Emphasis on Green and Blue green Algae 

      Fallahi Kapoorchali, Maryam; Salavatian, S.M.; Piri, H.; Ramezani, R.; Mohammadi, S. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2005)
      The Isolation , Purify , semi mass culture and mass culture of algae was started in bony fishes research center of Guillan from 2001-2004.during this survey 39 species of algae stock remained that all of them were pirified. ...
    • Analysis of Hazardous biological agents on the processing of Artemia urmiana cysts and biomass by using of HACCP principal 

      Motalebi, Abas Ali; Naser, Motalebzade; Asadpor, Y.A. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteUrmia, Iran, 2005)
      The important of Artemia as a live food is a well known fact to the development of world aquaculture.....
    • Analysis of sturgeon fishes reproduction statistics on the northern part of Alborz region 

      Yelghi, Saeed; Moazedi, J.; Bakhtiyari, M.; Kakoolaki, S.; Hosseinzadeh, H.; Sepahdari, A.; Khoshbavarrostami, H.A.; Vahabnezhad, A. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2015)
      Out put of sturgeon fish hatcheries on the Northern provinces analyzed. Unfortunately, for many reasons such as decreasing of brood fishes ,unsuitable and unprofessional managements , lack of sufficient financial supports ...
    • Analyze the Types and Methods Suitable Nutrition in Intrducting a Variety of Fish Cages in the Southern Part of Caspain Sea 

      Mohseni, Mahmoud; Matinfar, A.; Hafeziyeh, M.; Bahmani, M.; Farabi, S.M.V.; Dadgar, Sh.; Yazdani, M.A.; Shakorian, M.; Pourali, H.R.; Seed Hasani, M.H.; Yeganeh, H.; Nezami, A.; Behmanesh, Sh.; Sharifian, M.; Pourgholam, M.A.; Azari, A.H.; Ramzani, H.; Shikh, Gh.; Asghari, O.A.; Pourgholam, H. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2017)
      Regarding the fish farming in cages, taking into account all nutritional requirements appropriate to the needs of aquaculture is essential in order to minimize damage to the environment and achieve maximum growth. Fish ...
    • Analyzing the effects of aquaculture and rebuild aquatics stocks on Fisheries development in the  Caspian Sea 

       Fallahi, Maryam; Mordi, M.; Khedmati, K.; Chakmedooz, F.; Nahrvar, M.R.; Taghavi, A.; Karimpour, M.; Danesh, A.; Mehdizadeh, Gh.; Moradi, M.;  Sayadifar, J.; Rajabi, N. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2012)
      Using SWOT analysis with traditional matrix and quantitative matrix methods, the strategies to benefit from strengths and opportunities to vanishing weaknesses and decrease of threats for strategic management of aquaculture ...
    • Application of earthworm (Eisenia fetida) in diet for rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) 

      Allameh, Sayyed Kamaleddin; Azarbayejani, A.R.; Mohammadi Arani, M.; Sepahdari, A. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2012)
      This experiment was carried out to evaluate the effect of earthworm (Eisenia fetida) in diet for rainbow trout in complete random design for 6 weeks. Ten fish with mean 120 g was stocked in each replication.The earthworm ...
    • Applications of elemental fingerprinting for stock discrimination and biomonitoring potential assessment of a teleost fish species (Rutilus kutum) from the Caspian Sea 

      Pourang, N.; Parafkankeh Haghighi, F.; Owfi, F. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2018)
      In this research, the potential use of five hard parts (otolith, scale, eye lens, dorsal spine, vertebral bone) of Rutilus kutum for stocks discrimination and biomonitoring as well as their usability as biological archive ...
    • Aquaculture code of conduct and mechanization management 

      Hassannia, Mohmmad Reza; Sharif Rohani, M.; Gharra, K.; Iranpor, S.; Mohmmad sadeghi, A.; Hafezieh, M.; Babaei, M.; Matinfar, A.; Afrasiabi, M.; Hosseinzadeh Sahafi, H.; Abdolhai, H.; Moazedi, J.; Salehi, M.; Sharifian, M.; Ehteshami, F.; Rahmati, M.; Mokhay, Z.; Negarestan, H.; Ramin, M.; Mehrabi, M.R. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2015)
      In this report rules and focal points about code of conduct for cold water farm, warm water establishment, mechanization management and oxygen generators are collected and discussed. One of the most important point difference ...
    • Aquaculture Potentials Investigation of Yamchi Dam Down Stream Areasin in Ardabil Province 

      Valipour, Alireza; Fallahi, M.; Behmanesh, Sh.; Zahmatkesh, A.; Hosseinjani, A.; Dadgar, Sh.; Vaezi, M.; Tizro, S.; Hajizadeh, A.; Khedmati, K.; Mohmmadzadeh, S.; Ahmadi, H.; Moshapor, H.; Safarzadeh, N.; Ramin, M. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2017)
      The research conducted for finding of aquaculture potential and appropriate areas of Yamchi dam downstream river and estimate of its production in 2010-2012. Yamchi dam is located at 25 kilometers of southwest of the Ardabil ...
    • Aquatics enhancement of Mahshahr Creeks (North of Persian Gulf) 

      Zabayeh Najafabadi, Mojtaba; Dehghan Madiseh, S.; Pagheh, E.; Javad Hosseini, S.; Ranjbar, A.; Kahkesh, Sh.; Saghavi, H.; Osooli, A.R.; Zarshenas, Gh.A.; Moahammadi, Gh.H.; Eskandari, Gh.R.; Negarestan, H. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2018)
      In recent years, protected areas have got a lot of attention in fisheries management as a tool for providing an ecological vision. This study was done for identification of sensitive and valuable fishery areas and areas ...
    • Artemia population changes on Orumieh Lake 

      Ahmadi, Reza; Negarestan, H.; Peikaranmana, N.; Esmailly, L.; Hosseinpoor, R.; Shoahasany, A.; Ganji, S.; Mehrannejad, R.; Mostfazadeh, B. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2007)
      Estimation of Artemia resources on Uromieh Lake during (years2002-2003) showed huge reduction of Artemia cysts and biomass stocks than the previous years. Reduction of average annual precipitation in west Azerbaijan province ...
    • Artemia population changes on Umia Lake 

      Ahmadi, Reza; Esmaeili, L.; Paykara mana, N.; Ranaghad, M.R.; Ganji, S. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2009)
      The dynamics of Artemia population of Urmia Lake was investigated to provide the technical information, which is necessary for sustainable management of Artemia in Urmia Lake. The study covers different aspects comprising ...
    • Artificial Propagation and Culture of Rutilus frisii kutum of Autumn Form for Restocking 

      Valipour, Ali Reza; Karimzadeh, K.; Talebi Haghighi, D.; Fallahi, M.; Vatandoost, M.; Behmanesh, Sh.; Mosavi, S.A.; Nosrati, M.; Khaval, A.; Ramezani, M.R.; Mehdizadeh, Gh.; Tolouei, M.H.; Khedmati, K.; Khanipour, A.A. (Iranian Fisheries Science Research InstituteTehran, Iran, 2010)
      The Kutum, Rutilus frisii kutum, is one of the most important bony fishes in Iranian coastal of Caspian Sea. Its harvest range is between 9000-10000 tons in a year, nearly 60% of the income of Bony fish fishery produced ...